Find Me

The Royal Royal

Tom: C
verse 1 

C             G      C 
Find me on my knees again 
            F                 G     C 
I'm calling out, I need some faith again 
C                G   C 
Help my heart of unbelief 
            F                G        C 
I need your love to calm the doubt in me 

F G F You're the hope inside of me C Am Your word is like a lamp unto my feet F G F Oh, Jesus lead me all the way C F Going on, and on, and on, and on
verse 2 C G C You're the fire that lights my way F G C I'm holding onto every word you say C G C And nothing here can separate F G C Your love poured out in grace on me Chorus Bridge (x6) C You lead, you lead me Jesus F You lead, you lead me to freedom Chorus Outro C G C F G C (2x)

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