The Roches

Tom: F
Intro: F  C  F  C 

   F           C           F        C 
He wants to be Christlike, never be jealous 
      F           C   F              C 
So he lets her go on about the other fellas 
        Cm7    F       Bb           Gm7 
But the animal in him awakes with a growl 
      Em       A7       D 
And a skin 'em cannibal scowl 
Dm       G        F   C    F  C  Em 
Skin 'em cannibal scowl___ 

      G              C              G            C 
And a swing from the trees with his teeth like a chainsaw 
     Am           D7            Gm               Bb 
Come near me I'll rake off your face with one paw___ 
                             Eb           Bb 
Watch me now, I'm beating my chest like a robber 
    Gm             Dm        D7   C           D7  G  C   D7  G 
Who steals from my meat as I rend and slobber 

   F           C        F         C 
He sits in the plaza in tunic and sandals 
F            C         F          C 
Watching her bent over buying the candles 
       Cm7         F       Bb              Gm7 
And he thinks he'd like to take her from behind 
          Em              A7        D 
Would the Scribes and the Pharisees mind? 
Dm              G         F   C    F  C  Em 
Scribes and the Pharisees mind___ 

  G       C               G          C 
A woman approached me all bent and repentant 
  Am              D7           Gm           Bb 
I blessed her and sent her wherever she went___ 
                               Eb           Bb 
Will these followers ever stop dogging me now 
          Gm              Dm            D7        C     D7  G  C   D7  G 
That I've thrown off this stone and got loose somehow? 

  F             C          F      C 
A life that you try to put into a grave 
      F          C         F             C 
Comes back every Easter to haunt you and save 
       Cm7       F           Bb           Gm7 
But my nature is wounded and bloodied and hung 
       Em           A7           D 
From a cross for my sins and the sins of everyone 
Dm        G            F   C    F  C  Em 
Oh, those sins of everyone___ 

    G           C            G              C 
I'm jealous, goddamn it, I'm Christ and I'm jealous 
    Am        D7          Gm                   Bb 
And angry and sad and, oh father, please tell us 
                          Eb     Bb 
I'm human and god and I'm animal too 
     Gm        Dm        D7       C 
As I listen to her going on about you 

Outro: C  D7  G  C  D7  G  C  D7  G  C 

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