Someone Else ( ver 2 )

The Rasmus

Tom: F
Well,this is actually not the whole song,cause I am not sure about the following 
chords.But when you have some instrument from yamaha( a keyboard is good^^) than make 
you´re guitar sound like your piano from yamaha for example,than you get the same octave 
like the rasmus are having on that song! 
Here we go 
F                            C 
She drinks the blood of the dinosaurs 
to get her powers back  
             F         C 
to make her boyfriend understand 
F                              C 
that things are not what they used to be 
she doesnt have a plan to make 
     F               C 
her boyfriend understand 
Through the gates of insanity 
on the edge of humanity 
she´s gonna make her dreams come true ( 2 times) 
Bb              F               C   Dm (?) 
And that she belongs to someone else 
And that she belongs to someone else 
Than something like the same above... 
Send me an email,when you got the whole song right,i cant get it all XD 
[email protected] 

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