Misty Blue

The Proclaimers

Tom: G
Intro: G,C,G,C 


  G                       C          D 
When the inspiration is above our station 
  G                            C         D 
Thoughts are melancholy and I let them pass 
    G                                    C       D 
I tend to view this nation through the condensation 
 C      D    G 
Of a dirty glass 

When the singer solemn was a bonnie laddie 
When she brushed his hair with a watered comb 
Then he could have dandered and he could have shown ye 
Seven hills like Rome  

C G If misty eyes can witness Am D Love and affection, love and affection C G Why does the heart still resist? D What the hell is wrong with you? G C I got eyes of misty blue C D All the things I want to do are all I ever wanted to
VERSE 2: As the laddie grew and he looked around him At the thugs and rapists in their stolen suits louder beat the rhythm of his bloody heart Telling him to shoot Chorus VERSE 3: Thoughtless competition Like a home-made prison Made him fix his vision On a certain fate What's the use in winning all the worlds creation If you won't create?

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