Who Could Love You More

The Lost Brothers

Tom: D
Capotraste na 3ª casa

INTRO  D   A   B min   G   A7  

       D              A               G               D 
Drop a pebble to the tide, watch the ripples sail to sea  

                     A                  G 
With no way of ever knowing where they land  

    D               A                 G            D  
The love I have for you is something stolen and abused  
                     A             D 
Its shape and colour you don't understand 

F#min D Daug4 D Who could love you more than me F#min A7 Tell me who has loved you more than me N.C. D A G Ring those bells for now I'm coming home D A G My search is done you know I'm growing old D A G The race is run , the day is getting cold D A D A Bmin G A7 The train has come to the end of the line
D A G D Tie a message to bird, send it sailing to the sky A G With you as its only port of call D A G D The need I have for you, It will remain as true A D But the messenger now wears a different shawl Chorus same as above except last line D A D A B min G D6 The train has come to the end of the line

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