Til The End Of Time

The Lennon Sisters

Tom: Gb
Till the end of time 

Long as stars are in the blue 

Long as there's a spring, a bird to sing 
        Gdim      Abm 
I'll go on loving you 

Till the end of time 

Long as roses bloom in May 
            Ab7 Bmmaj7 
My love for you 
Will grow deeper 
     Ab            Db 
With every passing day 

Till the wells run dry 

And each mountain disappears 

I'll be there for you, to care for you 
             Gdim            Abm 
Through laughter and through tears 
           Bmaj7             Bm6 
So take my heart in sweet surrender 
    Bbm               Eb7 
And tenderly say that I'm 
    Abm     Db       Abm  Db 
The one you love and live for 
         Db7/b9  Gb 
Till the end of time 

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