5 Bottles Of Shampoo

The King Blues

Tom: F
She pushed in before me in the supermarket queue 
Pretending not to see me in that way women do 
She put on the counter some milk and bread too 
                           F                             C    G 
Then she pulled out, five, different bottles of shampoo 
                                F                    Dm    G 
And I though to myself I will never understand women 

verse 1 
And I hear some of you say that all men are the same 
They're all ruled by their dicks 
That's true of some but not all, don't point that finger so quick 
        F                        Dm 
There's some though in the clubs pinching girls arses 
Being intimidating with obscene passes 
  F                C 
A goddess, you can tell when she dances 
You shout slag when she rejects your advances 
F                      Dm 
It's like you got no belief in yourself 
Or you ain't got the balls to just talk to a girl 

verse 2 
F                    C 
So every time after six beers 
Your aim of the nights to reduce her to tears 
      F                    Dm            G 
When she chats to me, you spit and shout whore, well it is written in the art of war 
To fight only the battles you can win 
C            G 
But I will defend your honour until they kick my face in 
         F                       Dm                 G 
You can scrape me up bruised and battered off the floor, integrity is what black eyes are invented for 

verse 3 
So down with the dictatorship that's so cocksure 
Am        G 
They use rape as a weapon of war 
              F                                                Am 
Down with the man who thinks it's ok to give his wife a punch 
Down with the judge who says it weren't rape cause she was drunk 
       F                                 Am 
To pro-lifer's be a doctor, foster a kid 
That's how you make it possible for people to live 
But don't you dare tell women what they can and can't do 
When it was a women who gave life to you 

verse 4 
F                        Am 
Yes I'm a man, I guess a typical one 
But I ain't afraid to say 'I think that women are beautiful and strong' 
F                             Am        C 
Too fat, too thin that's just media spin 
You look best when you're comfortable in your own skin 
            F                Am 
So I'm sorry if you feel undue 
If the truth be known I'm in awe of you 
             F               C       Am 
You're a giver of life and a warrior too 
So do you really need five different bottles of shampoo? 

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