The Gypsy

The Ink Spots

Tom: E
Intro:  ||: A  -  Edim  |  Bm7  -  E7  :|| 
E7    Am7  Bm7/5-      Am7 
In a quaint car - a - van,  
 F#m      Bm7          F#7       B7 
There's a la - dy they call The Gyp - sy; 
        Bm7/5-       E7 
She can look in the fu - ture 
    Bm7/5-         E7        A     Edim   Bm7   E7 
And drive a - way all your fears. 
(E7)        Am7  Bm7/5-      Am7 
Ev' - ry - thing will come right, 
F#m    Bm7           F#7       B7 
If you on - ly be - lieve The Gyp - sy; 
          Bm7/5-       E7 
She could tell at a glance 
         D9          E7/6     A 
That my heart was so full of tears. 
     D9           E7 Cdim A6   A 
She looked at my hand and told me 
    D9          E7  Fdim(III)  A 
My lov - er was al -  ways    true; 
    F#m Fdim   F#m  Cdim(IV) C#7 
And yet  in my heart   I     knew, dear, 
         Dalt D6  Bm7/5-  Edim E7 
Somebody else was kiss - ing  you. 
(E7)    Am7  Bm7/5-     Am7 
But I'll go there a - gain 
  F#m    Bm7           F#7       B7 
'Cause I want to be - lieve The Gyp - sy; 
       Bm7/5-         E7 
That my lov - er is true 
          D9         Bm7/5- E7/6  A 
And will come back to me   some day. 

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