Goodnight Chicago

The Dirty Guvnahs

Tom: C
Capotraste na 1ª casa
C F G F x2 
Play the F and G as Bar chords and slide in between them 
C                F 
Goodnight Chicago 
     G     F       C     F  G  F 
hope to see you soon 
C                  F 
this whole revival 
     G     F       C     F  G  F 
we came here just for you 
don’t trade your skies 
for the seas 
you got the wind 
but got to learn to breathe 
                         C       F  G  F 
what’s right in front of you 

Wake up, Virginia 
I love to watch you move 
new york is just a day away 
Tennessee is too 
don’t leave your dreams 
up in the sky 
oh, you got an astronaut’s mind 
honey I do too 

F                               C 
One day we’ll all take center stage 
F                  Am               G 
Raise glass, join hands, and give thanks 
F                                C    
But until then just be where you are 
Am               G 
Sing a song for me 
And we won’t give up on you 

C F C F Until the End 
You can play the main chord progression as well when the band comes back in, both ways work. 

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