The Antlers

Tom: F
F                          Em 
When some unfamiliar faces came to shop in our old house, 
Dm                                  C 
I didn't bother trying to stop them until they emptied it out. 
F                                 Em                      Dm 
I was standing by the front door, stuffing cash in a jar, taking payment for our failures, 
I only wanted to alarm you. 

F                                     Em  
So when they asked me for directions, I sold them our map, 
I sold our shovels and our flashlights, 
They took our duffel bag with a ton of room, but a broken strap. 
F                                     Em 
The hungry patrons hit the graveyard, I lit a joint in the house 
Dm                                                            C 
Where there was nothing but our mattress and the same soft shelter of sheets 

Where nobody found us. 

F Em Dm C 

F                               Em 
I let them strip your mausoleum so nothing was left 
But they forgot to close the casket, 
They sent you shivering to my doorstep 
F                           Em  
Gently clawing at my window when I was less than awake 
I slid it up for you to slither through 
I heard you howling 

'Just take me! 
Just take me to the rusty city we perfected 
That holy summer we first found! 
Dm                                            C 
The place you're stubbornly protecting is the only pretty thing that we own now. 
F                             Em  
And we can stay here to wither in your garden of Eden 
Dm                                                 C 
But your fantasy's a prison and you're serving a sentence you can't stop repeating 

F Em Dm C 

F                            Em  
Can you see the secret exit? The false wall in obsession? 
Dm                                  C                            
You'll only fit through the doorway when you relinquish your possessions 
F                                 Em  
So leave everything you've stolen that you can't give back 
Dm                                         C 
And don't replace what you've been missing until you know what you're lacking 
F                                Em  
Leave everything you've borrowed and kept for yourself 
Dm                                                       C 
You can't unbreak our broken leases holding on to broken pieces, so return them! 

No guilt, no sorry speeches. 

F Em Dm C 

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