The Antlers

Tom: F#

F#  Bbm  Abm  F# 
F#  Bbm   B   F# 

verse 1: 

               F#          Bbm            Abm          F# 
Right when the blizzard ends, they throw a fucking huge parade 
           F#         Bbm             B            F# 
A great excuse for celebration of the mess they've made 
                  F#          Bbm                 Abm           F# 
But then when the streets get flooded, we know what proximity's worth 
               F#           Bbm                      B            F# 
'cause we're already here in the same place when our phones don't work 

verse 2:  
(same chords as verse 1) 

So then we lie down in our field and just do nothing at all 
And I'm getting ready for when everything is wonderful 
For just a couple pairs of broken bones with broken feathers in blood 
In a meadow, uncut and understood 


Ebm  Abm  x8 

             Ebm     Abm 
We can be an island apart  
                 Ebm        Abm 
From a ceaseless war on our heart 
              Ebm       Abm 
Harbored in a fortress insurmountable 
              Ebm         Abm 
Taller than affliction, safe wherever we are 

       Ebm        Abm 
Erasing horror and disgust 
              Ebm            Abm 
Rewinding the sorrow and the rust 
           Ebm        Abm 
Before our suffering's suffering,  
           E         F# 
Haven't we suffered enough? 

verse 3: 

                          B     Ebm         E      B 
On the morning that we're both 19 and newly on our own 
           B        Ebm               E       B 
And all we know is 'each other' and invisible homes 
                  B                 Ebm                  E      B 
We find two empty seats in the back of a car in an empty parking lot 
              B           Ebm               E            B 
Where all our bridges are abandoned and the cops have forgot 

verse 4: 
(same chords as verse 3) 

And I can feel the difference when the day begins 
Like all I know is, 'This year will be the year we win.' 
We smoke the paper from the banner from our past parades 
And start again, before the memory of the mess we've made. 


B   Ebm   E   B   (repeated) 

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