I Ain't The One

The Angels

Tom: A
Transcribed by: Russell Edwards [email protected] 
A D C# A x 2 
{A}Smokers choking in the smokin' room 
Fishes in the fish tank D C# A 
Sailors waitin' for the tide to turn 
Too bad the ship sank D C# A 
{D}Well this waxwork wound up to walk 
Stares through the window D/G D 
{A}Holler in the alley 
Went lookin' for the exit 
Facin' the shadow D C# A 
{D}I don't patronise you G F# E D 
{D}No, I don't try to put you down G F# E D 
{D}I don't criticise you G F# E D 
{A}I ain't the one       x 2                    ) 
I ain't the one to judge D C# A   )       x 2 
Hard hittin' journalist 
Says he's a communist 
Says he believes in world war 3 
Lives in a high rent luxury apartment 
He ain't foolin' me 
F#}Readin' the {B}newspaper 
Keepin' in touch 
F#}They steal your secret 
But {B}I ain't the {B}one B A B G B F# to {A}judge, ahhh 
Chorus (with backing)   x 2 

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