In My Eyes

The Afters

Tom: D#

Intro: D   F#m   Bm 

verse 1: 
       D                             F#m 
You're walking, but no one seems to notice 
Like a picture out of focus, but it looks clear to me 
       D                               F#m 
You're talking, feeling like no ones listening 
You think you're not interesting, but I just don't agree 

                 G              Bm         
You're the color showing through 
A world of black and white 
Bm            G           Bm 
I will always stand by you 
'Cause I am on your side 

D A In my eyes, you're more than complete Bm You're perfect to me G If you could only see the way that you shine D A In my eyes, if there's one thing that's true Em It's that I believe in you Bm G You make the world look so bright D A And put a smile in my eyes (In my eyes) Em (In my eyes) Put a smile in my eyes Bm G (In my eyes)
verse 2: D F#m Do you see the sky is smiling Bm There's no need for hiding You're all I want to see D F#m I could spend a lifetime trying Bm To find the words describing What you are to me Pre-Chorus Chorus Bridge: G When all you see are the scars A All I see is your heart G You're beautiful A D A Bm G You're beautiful, the way that you are Interlude: D A Bm G (In my eyes) D A Bm G (In my eyes) Chorus

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