Metal Gear Solid - The Best is Yet to Come

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Tom: Am
This version isn't 100% accurate but  
the chords are right and it sounds  
quite good like this. 
The guitar part doesn't come in until 
after the first little vocal bit and the  
wind SFX. About 1m 40 seconds. 
Like all songs it help to try and 
play along to get the chord changes right. 
Chord Pluck pattern 
	Am					G			 
-------------------------	--------------------------- 
--------1----1-----1---		--------0----00----0------ 
------2---2----2--------	----------0-----0--------- 
---2-------2-----2------	------0-----0-----0-------- 
-0----------------------	----2---------------------- 
-------------------------	--3------------------------ 
You should be able to play each chord pattern about twice, 
If you're quick. 
Am G Cuimhne leat an t-am Am G Nuair a bhi tu sasta Am G An cuimhne leat an t-am G Am Nuair a bhi to ag gaire Am G Ta an saoi iontach Am G Ma chreideann tu ann Am G Tug aghaidh ar an saoi G Am is sonas sioari inar measc Am Ceard a thrla do na laethanta sin G Am Ceard a thrla do na h-oicheanta sin Am G An cuimhin leat an t-am G Am Nuair a bhi tu faoi bhron Am An cuimhin leat an t-am G Am Go siorai sileadh na ndeor G Am An ormsa no orainne a bhi an locht G Am Ag mothu cailite s'ar fan Solo (The chord pattern throughout the solo is the same as the start of the song: Am, G, Am, G, Am, G, G, Am) Am Cen fath an t-achrann is sileadh na ndeor G Ta ailleacht sa saoi Am Ma chuardaionn tu e G Ta gliondar sa saoi Am Cuardaimis e Other bits (this being that little solo bit you hear now and again.) High E---7-8-5-7-3-5-0-5-0-7-0-8- Or something like that tab by: [email protected]

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