Tom: D
D with different picking styles through these words: 
I got a grandpa Rudd 
Well, he gave thirty years to the lumber yard 
Lovin' his family and working hard 
G7       F                  Em7 
   Got a faith like a solid rock 
Ebmaj7                      D 
    he's just doing the walk 
Back to D with different styles 
I got a friend named Larry 
Sends me letters from a foreign land 
He moved there with his kids 
and his pretty wife mary 
   F             Em7 
to answer a holy call 
Ebmaj7                D 
  He's just doin' the walk 
D Well you can run with the big dogs D/F# you can fly like the eagles Fsus2 you can jump through all the hoops C/G G and climb the ladder to the top Bm Asus2 But when it comes down G F D You know it all comes down to the walk
Next Verse: D with all of the strum patterns Now, there's a man I know He said He'd come to show us the way G7 he died on a cross and rose from the grave F Em7 and proved he was more than talk Ebmaj7 D He taught us the walk D Yes, he did D And now I'm singin' my songs D Standin' up on a big bright stage D G7 And I do my dance while the music plays F Em7 But when the music stops Ebmaj7 D am I doing the walk To Chorus(2x) Repeat and Fade 3 Times: D Do justly, Love mercy D Walk humbly with your God. ********* You found it at E-Chords Submitted By: David Campbell Ontario Canada

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