Higher Ways

Steven Curtis Chapman

Tom: G
Intro:  D 
G                   Em         D 
If I could only fly I'd go up 
                G                    C C/B              Am     D  
And look down from the sky so I could see the bigger picture 
G                            Em                        D 
And Lord if I could sit with you at your feet 
G                      C   C/B             Am             D 
For an hour or two, I'm sure I'd ask too many questions 
                       C  C/B              D  G 
Cause there's so much going on down here, 
G                                             Cmaj7 
That I must confess I just don't understand, 
I don't understand 
But I have prayed and at your feet my whole life 
G              Bm       C                 D          Em 
Has been laid, so I won't worry I won't be afraid  
                 C                     Am       G2 
Cause my soul is resting on your higher ways 
So let the road ahead become unclear, 
    C                    D                     Em 
Oh I am your so what have I to fear 
         C                     Am/C             G 
If my soul is resting on your higher ways 
        Eb          D       G 
Your higher ways teach me to trust you 
         Eb        D              G   A    G 
Your higher ways are not like mine 
         Em7                         Bm 
Your higher ways are the ways of a father, 
C                         Am                 D      G 
Hiding           his children in his love 
G                                                              Bm 
So let it rain and if my eyes grow dim with tears and of pain 
         C                        Dsus  D            Em 
This hope I have will not be washed away 
                  C                    A                     G 
Cause my soul is resting on your higher ways 
        G2              Em11            D2 
Someday I will fly and maybe then  
             Dsus          C2    C/B               Am           D   
You will take me aside          and show me the bigger picture 
           G2            Em11      D/F# 
But until I'm with you I'll be here 
            G                 C       C/B 
With a heart that is true,  
          Am7                      D            G2 
And a soul that?s resting on your higher ways 
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Submitted By: David Campbell 
Ontario Canada  

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