Tom: B
B      E/B   Em/C# 
Where, where is the rhythm I've been 
B             E     Em 
searching for, am I in the place I've 
B           E/B       Em/C#           B   E  Em 
been before, or is it just the way it is. 
    B     E      Em         
And truth, truth is I see the 
B          E    Em                  
summit now, I'm climbing high, not 
B            E   Em                 B     E  Em 
looking down, and that's the way it is! 
    B                B/A 
Cos I'm still in the race,  
           E             Em 
taking the pace, from my zealous core, 
B               B/A 
I'm still on my feet, 
           E             Em      B 
taking the heat, from my zealous core. 
B     E/B    Em/C# 
Yeah, yeah I feel the rhythm 
B             E           Em  
of your heart, we've been in the race right 
B              E/B  Em/C#                     B     E  Em 
from the start,        it's what we've living for. 
    B     E      Em      
And truth, truth is the words we're 
B           E        Em 
singing out, there's hope today 
B               E  Em                      B     E  Em   
without a doubt,   and that's the way it is, yeah! 
Same chords as Chorus: | B | B/A | E | Em | 
Same chords as verse for build-up:  | B     | E/B  Em/C# | 
When it all kicks in: | B     | A   G  | 
LAST Chorus: 
Same chords as a usual Chorus, with extra chords on end: | B | D# | E | Em | B | 
Words: Wilson 
Music: steve 

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