Running Away

Soul Jack

Tom: Em
 Em             G 
What I have to say 
 D              A 
just another prayer 
 Em             G 
I keep walking alone 
 D                  A 
I live here another day 
 Em                G 
I remember  the moment 
You always said. 
A                              Em 
When I smoked a cigarette and said 
       G                      D 
Baby, sing his song again today 
Am               C 
Look up to the sky 
G                           D 
You know the way that I can make you smile 
 Am           C 
You want to find 
You can find 
your way 

E                     Bm  A 
Everything is an illusion 
 Em            G 
running on the way 
I'll make you say 
that nothing is all around us 

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