Tom: Am
Intro:  Am F C C (x2) 

Am            F            C 
Richard how's life on your side? 
Am            F            C 
Your love and all start to melt. 
Am        F             C 
Richard i fell on your lies, 
Am          F                C 
Richard you slowly felt your fear. 
Am         F           C 
The silent life falls apart, 
Am           F             C 
Your life succumbs, sun is dry. 
Am              F           C 
Richard your soul's with my heart, 
Am            F            C 
Richard I'm falling out of touch. 

Am Em F There's a lie you told it's gone, Am Em F C Richard your lying on, entirely on your side. C Em F C Pour out your old remorse, to pick it up again, C F C Richard I'll hold you like I can.
Break Am Em F C C Em F F C Am F C C Am Em Em Verse Am F C Your life it all sounds so wrong, Am F C Richard your light is so raw, Am F C In might your soul's not you own, Am F C Oh Richard I'll miss you when you're gone.
Am Em F You loved all the signs you see, Am Em F C Richard I know it's hard to pull without a goal, C Em F C Richard and all your friends, you'll see us all again, Am F C Richard I know you left your heart.

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