Here She Comes


Tom: Em
Capotraste na 4ª casa

Intro: G D (x2) C B7 G 

G         D7             G 
It's so lonely in this place 
   D7               C      B7   G 
So cold I don't believe 
          D7             G 
And as no-one knows my name 
      D7          C 
It's easy to pretend 
     B7         Em          C   G 
It's easy to believe 
            D7           G 
There's a shadow on my wall 
    D7             C    
It dances like my soul 
B7              G     D7  G   D7  C 
Dances like my soul 
         B7          Em 
It's so cold now 
I swear it will be warm 
Here she come now 

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