Who Id Be

Shrek The Musical

Tom: Gb
Intro: Gb  Gbsus4  Gb  Gbsus2  Gb  Gbsus4  Gb  Gbsus2 

Db/Ab                    Gb 
       I guess I’d be a hero 
               Db/F  Ebm 
With sword and armor clashing 
       Gb/Bb     Ab/C 
Looking     semi dashing 
A shield within my grip 
            Db/F Gbadd2 
Or else I’d be a Viking 
              Db/F   Ebm 
And live a life   of daring 
               Gbmaj7/Bb  Ab/C 
While smelling like     a herring 
Upon a Viking ship 
I’d sail away, I’d see the world 
Gbsus2                Fm7 
      I'd reach the farthest reaches 
Gbsus2                 Db/F              Gbadd2        F7/A 
      I’d feel the wind,   I’d taste the salt   and sea 
       Bbm      Abadd2/C Ab/C     Gbsus2 
And may - be storm           some beaches 

That’s who I’d be 
That’s who I’d be 
             Db/F    Gb                 Db/F  Ebm7 
Or I could be    a poet and write a diff’rent story 
         Gb/Bb    Ab/C                         Db 
One that tells of glory and wipes away the lies 
            Db/F   Gbsus2 
Into the skies I’d throw it 
                 Db/F    Ebm7 
The stars would do   the telling 
                 Gb/Bb   Ab/C 
The moon would help with spelling 

And night would dot the “I’s” 
Gbsus2                Dbadd2/F  
      I’d write a verse,      recite a joke 
Gbsus2             Fm7 
      With wit and perfect timing 
Gbsus2                 Dbadd2/F            Gbadd2  Gb F7/A 
      I’d share my heart,      confess the things  I  yearn 
      Bbm   Ab/C      Gbsus2 
And do   it all while rhyming 
But we all learn, but we all learn 
Cbsus2               Gb/Bb Cbsus2                  Gb/Bb 
      An ogre always hides,      an ogre’s fate is known 
Cbsus2               Gb/Bb Ab/C                 Cm7    Bbsus4    Bb    D 
      An ogre always stays in the dark and all alone 
        D/F#       G            D/F#         Em7 
So yes, I’d be a hero and if my wish were granted 
             G/B    A/C#                       D 
Life would be enchanted, or so the stories say 
                    G/B      G          D/F# Em7 
Of course I’d be a hero, and I would scale a tower 
            G/B     A/C#    A 
To save a hot-house flower 
And carry her away 
But standing guard would be a beast 
Gsus2            F#m7 
     I’d somehow overwhelm it 
Gsus2              Dadd2/F# 
     I’d get the girl,     I’d take a breath, 
Gsus2           F#m7 
     And I’d remove my helmet 
Gsus2                   D/F#             G/B 
     We’d stand and stare, we’d speak of love 
We’d feel the stars ascending 
Gsus2                 D/F#          G     F# 
     We’d share a kiss, I’d find my destiny 
      Bmadd2 Bm   Asus2 A      Gsus2 
I’d have     a he   -   ro’s end  -  ing 
  Bm      A     Gsus2 
A perfect happy end - ing 

That’s how it would be! 
  Em7        D/F#      Gsus2 
A big bright beautiful world! 
      But not for me 

Gsus2/B               D/A 
       An ogre always hides, 
Gsus2                  D/F# 
     An ogre’s fate is known 

Fiona(top), Shrek(middle), and Donkey(bottom): 
Gsus2/B                     Aadd2/C#          C#m           Bsus2   B       Eb 
       An ogre always stays in the dark                All alone      and I know 
       An ogre always stays in the dark                All alone 
                                        You’re all alone_________________________! 

                  Eb/G   Ab              Eb/G      Fm7                   Ab/Eb Bb/D 
            He’ll appear           cause there are rules and there       are   stric- 
So yes, I’ll   be hero    and if my   wish   were granted,   life would be  enchanted 
                                                         All             a  -  lone 

   Bb                   Eb                            Ab                     Eb/G 
  -tures                   I believe         the sto  –  ry –  books         I 
Or so the stories say          Of course I’d be  a hero       and I would scale a 
                       You need a pal            my calendar’s    o     -    pen 

Fm7                        Bb                     Absus2/C 
Read by   can   -   dle    light___________ 
Tower  to save a hot-house flower and carry her away______________ 
                          Ya need                 me______________ 

Bb/D  Cm      Bb/D  Ab             Fm7 Bbsus2    Eb    Ebmaj7/G   Ab    Eb/Bb    Eb 
    A perfect happy ending, that’s how it should be!________ 

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