Breath Of God

Shane Barnard

Tom: Em
Capotraste na 2ª casa

Em     D                 Em 
     A life you cannot define, 
  D                Em 
A purpose that’s benign. 
             D            Em 
They need to    see and believe, 
   D                 C 
Be led to the rugged tree. 

PRE-Chorus: D C The one on which He cried, not for His pain but for our debt, D C The very same tree that He conquered death. D C It was an unfair deal on the part of Christ; D C D He got my sin, I got eternal life.
G D C Make me the breath of God, D G And I’ll show them the One that means the most to me. D C They’ll see the face of love, D G (Em) Be touched by the very One that died upon the tree. (repeat)
VERSE 2: Em D Em Small talk is a better choice… D Em A way to avoid Your voice. D Em I need to feel the dust on my knees, D C And lead them to the tree. BRIDGE: C D Will you follow me C D Lead them to the tree Can’t you just believe C D Will you take a knee For eternity C D For eternity For eternity

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