Smoking Signals

Sean Hayes

Tom: D
Capotraste na 2ª casa

Intro: D G 

verse 1 

Two rocks, a hammer 
and some chains to 
tie my hands  

Two boots, the dirt, some food  
some land to  
dig it in  

I cut the wood 
tear down 
build up for  
moving in  

A hole, the mud, a pipe  
look out I'm  
getting in  

Em G Wash your hands and clean the floor Em Get some money for the store G Move the papers on your desk D Breathe some air into your head
verse 2 D Pop the bubble G concrete feet will D hold you here D Fall in the lake G then go fishing D Little Bear D Rest your bones G upon the seashore D Salt tears D I'll trade this lucky key G the next time Em you are near
Em G Stop that buzzing over there Em Stretch your bones and wash your hair Change your strings G Dust your wings Sing a song D Sharpen your sting
verse 3 D G There's a baby in the bucket D of my eye D G Plastic dolls holding Mary D will be enough D There are mermaids G they can't follow D on the shore D There are hermits G wet from swimming Em drying off
Em G Call the plastic wooden doves Em Give them wings and they'll fly off G Lucky ones will get away D Smoking signals on the cake
Outro: D G D

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