True Lies

Sara Evans

Tom: C
Capotraste na 1ª casa
Performed by Sara Evans 
CD 'Three Chords And The Truth' 
Written by Sara Evans, Al Anderson, Sharon Rice 
Submitted by Clare Bonthrone ([email protected]) 
True Lies 
{no strumming}	  C    D 
I look into those blue eyes 
	  C	     G 
Something happens to me 
		C     D 
Although I know again tonight 
		      C            G 
I'll hear nothing but true lies 
That string of broken hearts  
    C    G 
All over town 
Should be enough to tell me 
A			D 
I should be turning you down, then 
(Repeat chorus) 
C				 G 
True lies will hurt me less than losing you 
So darling lie to me 
      D			  C    D 
While I get lost in those blue eyes 
I should know better 
        C       G 
Than to let you in 
We're just beginning 
     A			   D 
And, I can already see the end, when 
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