Three Chords And The Truth

Sara Evans

Tom: D
Performed by Sara Evans 
CD 'Three Chords And The Truth' 
Written by Sara Evans, Ron Harbin, Aimee Mayo 
Submitted by Clare Bonthrone ([email protected]) 
Three Chords And The Truth 
On a highway bound for nowhere 
I ran my fingers through my tangled hair 
     G				   D 
As I pulled in for another tank of freedom 
With a hundred miles behind me 
And a million more to go 
      E				  A 
I was tryin' to put some distance between us 
I turned on the radio 
And a voice came over sweet and low 
      G					D 
And I didn't know the tears were gonna start 
But what amazed me even more 
	D		 G 
Is I'd never heard that song before 
D	      A			D 
But somehow I knew each word by heart 

G D And I don't know why, I don't know how A But with his song he turned my life and D This old car around D G D G Just when I thought I was over you-oooh G D A D He changed my mind with three chords and the truth
D Found a pay phone at a truck stop Said a prayer as the quater dropped G D Oh, please be home, I know that I was wrong G Honey, don't talk, just listen D G I think I found what I was missin' D A D In a song I heard tonight on the radio Sara Evan's home page is at Or visit my country page at

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