I Keep Looking

Sara Evans

Tom: A
I Keep Looking 
 By Sara Evans 
 Album: Born to Fly 
 Words and Music by: Sara Evans / Tom Shapiro / Tony Martin 
 Submitted By Jessica Nemnich 
 Capo on Fret #1 
 Introduction: A D E  A D E 
 (A) Back when I was young  
 Couldn't wait to grow up 
 Get away (D) and get out on my own (E) 
 And looking (A) back now ain't it funny how,  
 I've been (D) trying' to get back (E) home, yeah 
 (A D E) 
 When my low self esteem needs a man loving me  
 And I find me a perfect catch 
 Then I see my friends having wild weekends 
 And I don't wanna be quite so attached 
 Just as soon (Bm) as I get what I want (D) 
 I get unsatisfied (A)  
  (Bm) Good is good, (E) but could be better 

(A) I keep looking (E) I keep looking for (D) I keep looking for (E) something more (A) I always wonder why (E) it's on the other side (D) of the number (E) 2 door I (D) keep looking Looking (E) for something more (A)
(A D E) (A) Well the straight haired girls all want curls And the (D) brunettes want to be blonde (E) (A) Its your typical thing You get in you want gain (D) It just goes on and on (E) (Bm) They say hey. Its only human to never (D) be satisfied (A) (Bm) Well, I guess that I'm as human (E) as the next one Chorus Guitar break Yeah???.. BRIDGE CHORUS fade

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