Sunday Bloody Sunday


Tom: Bm
Bm	   D		G 
I can't believe the news today 
Bm	  D			  G 
I can't close my eyes and make it go away 
D	   Em	 
How long how long must we sing this song 
D	      Em 
How long, how long 
  Bm   D 
G	        Bm	D  G 
We can be as one tonight 

Bm	D		    G 
Broken bottles under children's feet 
Bm	D		    G 
Bodies strewn across a dead end street 
Bm	     D		         G 
But I won't heed the battle call 
Bm	    D		  G 
It puts my back up puts my back up against the wall 

Bm      D	  G 
Sunday bloody sunday 
Bm      D          G 
Sunday bloody sunday 
F	Em         D   F   Em   D    F    Em   D 
Sunday bloody sunday 

Bm	D		  G 
And the battle's just begun 
Bm	D		   G 
Theres many lost but tell me who has won? 
Bm	D		    G 
The trenches dug within our hearts 
Bm	D		   G 
And mothers children, brothers sisters torn apart 

How long ... 

Bm D G		  B	      D  G 
             Wipe your tears away  

Bm	 D		  G 
And it's true we are immune 
Bm     D		       G 
When fact is fiction and TV is reality 
Bm	D		G 
And today the millions cry 
Bm     D		      G 
We eat and drink while tomorrow they die 

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