Ashes & Fire

Ryan Adams

Tom: G
Capotraste na 3ª casa


G        C             G 
As he stared past the fire, 
G       	            Em              C     G 
His hunger to leave well it gnawed his poor heart alive, 

    C                 G             C       G            C               G 
Her skin smelled like black cherry, blossom perfume, the sail boats they all 

       D           C         G 
sailed by... and a river she cried. 


G                         C                      G 
and the wind was suddenly sweeter than Roosevelt pine, 
G                             Em              C            G                   
The windows broke out and the cigarette smoke was drifting by, 
    C           G           C                G         C            G       
The bums on the bowery were swallowed in the lights as cars rumbled by in the 

D        C                      G 
night... screaming run for your life. 

Em C G Em C G Em With cool and silvery eyes and a heart that was fit for desire, drowned in a C G C G C D C river of tears oh a river she cried left her with a heart... made of ashes G and fire.
Instrumental: G Chorus Verse Chorus Outro: Em C G G Ashes and fire (3x)

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