Tips Of My Fingers

Roy Clark

Tom: C
(C)I reached out my  (G)arms and I (C)touched  you, 
With soft  words I (G)whispered your  (C)name, 
(F)I held you right on the  (C)tips of my  fingers, 
But  (D7)that was as close as I  (G)came, 
My  (C)eyes had a (G)vision of (C)sweet  lips, 
Yielding  be(G)neath my (C)command, 
(F)I had your love on the  (C)tips of my  fingers, 
But I  (D7)let it slip right through  my (G)hands, 
but I  (C)let it slip  (G)right through my  (C)hands, 
Somebody  took you when (G)I wasn t (C)looking, 
And I  should have known (G)right from the  (C)start, 
It s a  (F)long, long way >from the  (C)tips of my  fingers, 
To the  (D7)love hidden deep in your  (G)heart, 
To the  (C)love hidden  (G)deep in your  (C)heart. 

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