Tom Trauberts Blues

Rod Stewart

Tom: F
Intro: F / Gm / F / Bb / F / F / G / G7 / C / C7 
       Bb                     F 
1.:    Wasted and wounded, it ain?t what the moon did 
            Gm                  F     C   F 
       I?ve got what I paid for now 
       Bb                    F 
       See you tomorrow, hey Frank, can I borrow 
         G                    C 
       A couple of bucks from you to go 
       F                C  F        Gm       F 
       Waltzing Matilda,   waltzing Matilda, you?ll go waltzing 
         Gm         C 
       Matilda with me 

2.:    I?m an innocent victim of a blinded alley 
       And I?m tired of all these soldiers here 
       No one speaks english and everything?s broken 
       And my strength is soaking away to go 
       Waltzing Matilda,... 

3.:    Now I?ve lost my St. Christopher 
       Now that I?ve kissed her 
       And the one-armed bandit knows 
       And the maverick chinaman with the cold blooded signs 
       And the girls down by the striptease shows go 
       Waltzing Matilda,... 

4.:    No, I don?t want your sympathy 
       The fugitives say, that the streets aren?t for dreaming now 
       Manslaughter dragnets and the ghosts that sell memories 
       They want a piece of the action anyhow go 
       Waltzing Matilda,... 

5.:    And it?s a battered old suitcase 
       To a hotel someplace 
       And a wound that will never heal 
       No primadonnas, the perfume is on 
              Gm            C 
       An old shirt that is stained 
       C7   F     C   F 
       With blood and whiskey 
       And it?s good-night for the street-sweepers, 
       The nightwatchmen, flame-keepers 
           Gm          C  C7  F 
       And goodnight matilda, too 

Outro: Gm / F / Bb / Bb / F 
       Gm          C  C7  F 
       Goodnight Matilda, too 

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