Lost Paraguayos

Rod Stewart

Tom: C
Horn Riff (for guitar) 

Intro: C C F Darling I hate to tell you but I think I'm catching a cold C F Put another chair on the fire bring the bottle over here I feel I'm getting old C I like your laugh and a hot romance F and your orn'ry sense of humor C but if it rains again like it did today F I'm gonna have to leave a little bit sooner C G C C F Got to get me some South America sun C F Honey don't even ask me if you can come along C Down at the border you need to be older F and you sure don't look like my daughter C Your ridiculous age, start a state outrage F and I'll end up in a Mexican jail C F Darling please don't cry you know I wouldn't tell you no lie C G C x3 Look over there C Oh my God don't look now F but it appears to be raining again C Get upstairs pack my book of prayers F Honey hurry I'm catching pneumonia C I gotta move while I'm in the mood F or I'll disappear into that wall C Darling please don't curse F it really couldn't be any worse C Say I'm a sun fanatic but it's dark in your attic F and your cat sleeps over my head C I know I'm not a football star F but I wanna little better than that C So I'm much obliged for the pure white ride F and a cup of tea every morning C I'll say goodbye, look your man in the eye F you know I wouldn't tell you no lie {Start 'Horn Riff' and play indefinitely}
Play the following rhythm indefinitely: G   F   C F C C F C 

So after all, I'll see you in the fall on a brand new day, brand new way Goodbye honey, goodbye honey Goodbye honey, it ain't funny Goodbye honey, I know it ain't funny

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