Can't Stop Me Now

Rod Stewart

Tom: C
Intro: C,Am,F,C C,Am,Dm,C 

I spit on the streets in San 
Called the record company man 
My enthusiasm filled the room 
I was young and I was keen 
With the devil in my stream 
As I hollowed at an old blues tune 
We can't sign your sign 
'Cause we're doper than the mole 
That you had on your nose and your clothes 
I should thank you gentleman 
For this life that you brought me 
F                           G 
Now move on down the road 

I remember how I used to say 

C They can't stop me now Am The world is waiting F C It's my turn to stand out in the crowd C They can't stop me now Am The tide is turning Dm C I'm gonna make you proud
Post Chorus: C,Am,Dm,C Verse) C Well nothing was tough But I couldn't get enough F Out this rhythm and blues I crave C I was singing in the parks F Singing in the clubs Am Then along came Maggie May G All the things he said to me F And all the things I heard Am I had a point to prove G I will climb this mountain F With this god given gift G F If it's the last thing that I do G And I remember thinking Chorus) x2 (Bridge) G Born to ramble F Born to sing Em Dm G In a new world of rock n roll F Woman in particular Dm Em Feel my heart will cry F G And fired up my soul C Thanks for the faith Thanks for the patience Dm F Thanks for the helping hand C Thanks for the love G Thanks for the guidance Dm Thanks for the tartan pride (Chorus) x2

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