Ain't Love A Bitch

Rod Stewart

Tom: C
C          G                 Am 
Been in pain and I've been in shame 
But ain't love a bitch 
I been in fights, locked away for nights 
But ain't love a bitch 
I been tailed, impaled, strung up 
and nailed and left without a stitch 
I been scratched 'n' taxed 'n' finally axed 
But ain't love a bitch 

Dm                                          C 
Oh I didn't understand till I was seventeen 
Dm                                                C 
She took me way upstairs and she wiped me clean 
Am                                        Fmaj7          
Oh I didn't realize she made a first class fool out of me 
 Dm                                                  G 
Oh Maggie if you're still out there the rest is history 

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