Ever the Same

Rob Thomas

Tom: G
E                     B 
We were drawn from the weeds  
We were brave like soldiers  
        C#m            B    E             
Falling down under the pale moonlight  
You were holding me  
Like someone broken  
                    C#m          B           A 
And I couldn't tell you, but I'm telling you now  
             C#m                   B           A  
Just let me hold you while you're falling apart  
             C#m                  B        E  
Just let me hold you and we'll both fall down  

Fall on me  
        C#m                       A 
Tell me everything you want me to be  
             E              B 
Forever with you, forever in me  
Ever the same  

(Same as 1st Verse)  
We would stand in the wind  
We were free like water  
Flowing down  
Under the warmth of the sun  
Now it's cold and we're scared  
And we've both been shaken  
Look at us man,  
this doesn't need to be the end  

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