Georgia On My Mind

Righteous Brothers

Tom: F

Intro: F Bb F C  

F            A        Dm7       C   Dm7    B Bb 
Georgia, oh, Georgia, the whole day through. 
Gm7     F   Ab    G    Gm7   C             F 
Just an old sweet song keeps Georgia on my mind,  
Dm7 D  G    C 
on my mind. 

F             A          Dm7             Gm7 Bbm 
Georgia, ooh, Georgia, a song, a song of you. 
         F         G      Gm7     C 
Comes as sweet and clear, ooh, as moonlight  
            F    C F A 
through the pines. 

Dm    Db F  C     F      Bb  Dm          Gm7 
Other ar-ms reach out to me..while their eyes  
Db    C     B 
smile tenderly. 
D     Dm Db       C        Bm            Am7 
Still in peaceful dreams I see, that the road  
      Bb   Ab Gm7 
leads back to you. 

Eb            F                   A        Bb 
Yeah, I said, Georgia, yeah, yeah Georgia, yeah,  
   Dm7                         Gm7 
no peace, no peace, yeah, do I find. 
Am7         Ab    E     G             C 
Ooh, an old sweet song, aaahhh, keeps Georgia on  
   F     Eb          D 
my mind, yeah, on my mind. 

Bb    Dm7               C     Ab    F       Bb 
Yeah, just an old sweet song, keeps Georgia on  
   F    Bb Bbm  Gb          Bb    F 
my mind.........yeaaaaaaah, on my mind. 

A sixties smash from Kraziekhat. 

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