Tom: E


E                      Db  Abm7 Dbm 
First the tide, rushes in............plants a  
A    Dbm B   Abm7  Ab B Db 
kiss on  the shore. 
Eb   E     D      Bm  A       Db 
Then rolls out to sea and the sea is  
     A          B 
very still once more. 

E        Abm7 E  B    Abm7  A        Dbm  B 
So, I'll rush to your side, like the on...coming  
Ab   B Ab  Ebm  E   D                Db 
tide.......with one burning thought, will your arms  

open wide? 

   Gbm        Abm              A     Dbm 
At last we're face to face and as we kiss  
B            A           E 
through an embrace I can tell, I can feel, 
        Dbm           E   Gb B 
you are love, you are real. 

       E    Dbm          Am           B         A B 
Really mine in the rain, in the dark, in the sun. 
E        Abm7 E  Dbm Abm7 E      A            B 
Like the tide at its ebb, I'm at peace in the web  
        E    G A B E 
of your arms. 

Ebm E 
Ebb tide!!!!! 

A sixties smash from Kraziekhat. 

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