Rebel Son

Tom: G
Intro: G 

A hundred months have passed, Lor ena, 
D                              G     D 
Since last I held your hand in mine, 
    G                              C 
And felt your pulse beat fast, Lor ena, 
       D                         G 
Though mine beat faster far than thine. 
     Em                         B7 
Twas not thy woman's heart that spoke; 
                              Em       D 
Thy heart was always true to me-ee-ee: 
   G               C 
So long ago Lorena you broke 
    D                             G 
The tie which linked my soul with thee 

We loved each other then, Lor ena, 
    D                          G     D 
Far more than we ever dared to tell; 
    G                                 C 
And just what might we have been, Lor ena, 
D                              G 
If our love had only prospered well 
    Em                             B7 
But should we even consider one re gret 
                                         Em      D 
For what we?d be now we?ll neither never kno-oo- ow; 
    G                    C 
For if we try we may for get, 
D                                     G 
We're the words of thine long years a go. 

Em B7 Em D G C D G 

G                          C 
It matters little now, Lor ena, 
    D                      G     D 
The past is in the eternal past; 
    G                               C 
Our heads will one day lie low, Lor ena, 
D                            G 
Life?s time is fading out so fast. 
      Em                   B7 
There is a Future O, thank God 
                              Em        D 
Our lives this was so small a par-aaar- art 
     G                        C 
'Tis dust to dust beneath the sod; 
    D                         G 
But there, up there, heart to heart. 

          G                          C 
Still the years creep slowly by, Lor ena, 
    D                       G     D 
The snow is on the ground a gain. 
    G                           C 
The sun?s low down the sky, Lor ena, 
        D                                         G 
And the frost again gleams where the flow'rs have been. 

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