Deeper Than The Holler

Randy Travis

Tom: G
G Well I?ve heard those city C singers singin? G ?bout how they can C 
G deeper than the C oceans higher G than the stars C above 
well G I come from the C country and I G know I ain?t seen it C all 
but I G heard that oceans? C salty and the G stars they C sometimes G 
but Am that would not do justice to the Bm way I feel for you 
so I C have to sing this Am song about C all the things I D knew 
My love is G deeper that the C holler, G stronger than the C rivers G higher than the Em pine trees growin? Am tall upon the D hill my love is G purer than the C snowflakes that G fall in F# late Em December and Am honest as a robin on a C springtime window sill and Am longer than the D song of the Whippoor-{G}-will
G From the backroads to the C broadway shows with a G million miles bet-{C}-ween there?s a G least a million C love songs that G people C love to G sing and Am everyone is different and Bm everyone?s the same so C this is just another Am way of C sayin? the same D thing Repeat Chorus 2X

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