Wonderful God

Paul Baloche

Tom: G
Capotraste na 2ª casa

Intro: G  Em7  C 

Verse 1
G                      Em7 
Amazed and overwhelmed, at how Your mercy fell 
and changed a heart as hard as mine 
G                    Em7 
I tried to turn away, Deny the hand You gave 
     C                        Dsus4    
But You refused to leave my side 

G Dsus4 Wonderful God, Wonderful God C Dsus4 Wonderful Savior, Wonderful love G Dsus4 Who could compare? None can be found C Dsus4 G Wonderful Savior, Wonderful God
Verse 2 Undeserving grace, You stole my heart away Forever I am Yours my King The beauty of Your strength that draws me once again To stand before You now and sing Chorus Bridge Em7 Dsus4 You said You'd never leave me and You never did C Dsus4 You say I have a future and there's a life for me to live C Dsus4 Lord I want to praise You and say

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