Hallelujah To My King

Paul Baloche

Tom: G
Intro:  G/Em(020033)-  C9  - C9  G*(320033) 

Verse 1: 
       G/Em                D4 
Oh how strong the power of Jesus' name! 
      C9     G          G      D4 
It is stronger than any other name 
    G/Em                   D4 
How sweet the vict'ry that bore my shame 
         C9    G      G   D4 
took the burden of my sin away 

G C9 Hallelujah! What a savior! G D4 I owe everything to Him G/Em C9 Hallelujah what a savior G D4 (INTRO G/Em...) Hallelujah to my King
Verse 2: G/Em D4 Oh how great the kindness our God has shown C9 G G D4 We were strangers, now we're called His own G/Em D4 His grace has welcomed the sinner home C9 G G D4 Tender mercies, lead us to The Throne (Chorus) Bridge: G/Em C9 G/Em C9 Hallelujah! Hallelujah to my King! (repeat) Verse 3: G/Em D4 Oh what peace the Spirit of Jesus brings C9 G G D4 through the trials He will carry me G/Em D4 One day, in Heaven, our eyes will meet C9 G G D4 Filled with wonder, all the saints will sing (Chorus) (Bridge 2x) D4--------------------------------> INTRO Hallelujah to my King, hallelujah to my King

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