In Corolla

Mountain Goats

Tom: E
E                   D               A 
the day I turned my back on all you people 

E         D             A 
I felt an itching in my thumbs. 

C#m             E7                 F#m           B7 
salt air like a broadcast from the distant, dark beyond 

A       D              A (Bbmaj7/A) A 
when my transformation comes. 

I went down to the warm, warm water 

saw a pelican fly past 

waved once at the highway and then left all that behind me 

I went wading through the grass. 

Bm             Bbmaj7         Amaj7 
and no one was gonna come and get me. 

Bm             Bbmaj7      Amaj7 
there wasn't anybody gonna know. 

F#m           D                C#7                F#m 
even though I leave a trail of burnt things in my wake 

A         D             A  (Bbmaj7/A) A 
every single place I go. 

and it was cool, and it was quiet 

in the humid marsh down there. 

i let my head sink down beneath the brackish water, 

felt it gumming up my hair. 

the sun was sinking into the atlantic 

the last time that I turned my back on you. 

I tried to summon up a little prayer as I went under 

it was the best that I could do. 

and I said, 
'let them all fare better than your servant', 

the reeds all pricking at my skin. 

'here's hoping they have better luck than i had down here with you' 

all that water rushing in. 

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