Mihee And Benedict - May My Reward

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Tom: C

Verso 1:

C E7 May My reward be giving you the glory. Am Em you go before me, Lord F C You have always been by my side, Bdim E7 You take away my pride. C E7 My home is with You, in this world Am Em I'm passing through. F C You are my relief and my peace. Bdim E7 You are the God of hope


Am F C G You are the God of joy and father of lights Am F C G Everlasting father I trust you.
C E7 You fill me with Joy, My joyfulness flows Am Em from your faithfulness. F C What God would give up his throne for us ? Bdim E7 God of humility.
Am Em Humble my heart, I am your work of art F G/F F don't stop creating me C/E Bb G Lord, show me your perspective.
C Em F your kingdom come G C your will be done Em F G as it is in heaven

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