Where The Wild Ones Run

Mike McClure

Tom: C
intro: C, G, D, G  

C          G 
i tried to warn myself 
C               G 
but i wouldn't listen 
C            G 
i could not hide from her 
her intentions 
C            G 
i could not stop myself 
D              Em 
i knew it was wrong 
           C               G 
but some things they just pull you 
         D      G 
to the great unknown 
C G C G she is like a wild horse nobody's ridden C G then when she came to me D i was ready, she was willin' C G then i took her out D Em straight into the sun C G D G and i took her down to where the wild ones run (outro only) and i always remember where the wild ones run
verse: well she trembled when i touched her and her heart beat so wild and i watched how she faded into a woman from a child and when she held onto me i could tell she didn't know that the heat fades fast and the heart breaks slow (Chorus) bridge: Em C G D she came to view me the same old way Em C fills her eyes up with questions G D i got answers i can't say Em C G D and everytime i tell her what i already know C G is that you can't come back D G from where the wild ones go (Chorus)

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