Mike McClure

Tom: G
Chords, im not sure what the real chord name is, play it palm muted in the  
intro, and the first time through on the verses	 
      G       D     E    C 
      e---    e-    e-   e? 
      B---    B-    B-   B? 
      G---    G-7   G-9  G?-5 
      D-5-    D-7   D-9  D?-5 
      A-5-    A-5   A-7  A?-3 
      E-3-    E-    E-   E? 
intro-palm muted 
G, D, E, C, x3   G, D, G 
Verse-palm muted 
G        D       E            C 
we were sixteen riding in a mustang 
G         D        E        C 
somebody handed it back to me 
G         D                E                C 
I took a hit and then I stared out of a window     
G                D          G 
I knew I'd never be the same 
verse-no palm mute 
G        D       E          C 
we were flying, down a highway 
G          D    E         C 
I had the radio up full blast 
G        D          E              C 
threw a beer bottle up against a stop sign 
G          D           G 
we had to stop for gas 
C             G 
hey mama I'm out for the weekend 
C                      G              D 
these friends of mine ain't worth a damn 
G                        D             C 
they ain't never gonna make it in the real world 
G                  D       C 
keep praying mama maybe I am 
Repeat intro 
G                D 
we'd drive the back roads 
E            C 
out by the ghost bridge 
G            D              E       C 
we'd always stop our car halfway across 
G          D             E            C 
someone'd tell a story 'bout a fatal car crash 
G              D             G   PAUSE         
we'd turn the motor and the lights off 
G            D               E        C 
we'd always try to make it back home on time 
G      D              E          C 
never seemed to fail we never did 
G        D                 E             C 
we were young and we were howling at a full moon 
G        D       G 
bunch of no good punk ass kids 
repeat chorus... 
Well thats the way I hear it anyway, 
and that is just the basic chords in  
the song..  Ill put a sound sample on 
here too.  There is quite abite of lead 
in it that I don?t know, if anyone does  
I would love to have it.   It?s a great 
 song that will be on his new album.  

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