Marleigh's Song

Mike McClure

Tom: F
Capotraste na 1ª casa
E                                            A 
I used to live in a world where I let nobody in 
B7                                         E 
Then there was you and you gave my heart a spin 
       E                                                                A 
Now it flies around the sun sometimes and around the moon every now and then 
            B7                                                        E 
And I would gladly bring them down for you if I thought it'd make you grin 
A But tonight you're sleeping there with your mama A E and your daddy's all alone in a hotel room A E But I've got your picture and just remember, I'll be coming back home soon B7 E Goodnight my angel and goodnight moon
I like the way that your hair dangles in your eyes Deeper blues I've never known, bluer than Montana skies And sometimes I wonder if you'll ever wonder like a do Either way I'll be your partner for as long as you want me to Chorus

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