Everything Upside Down

Mike McClure

Tom: D
D       F           C        G 
I don't want you to tell me anything 
D       F                 C        G 
I don't wanna hear what's on your mind 
D       F       C           G 
I don't wanna feel like I'm feelin' now 
D       F             C        G 
Everything is just a waste of time 

D A# F C Now everything is upside down D A# F C Everthing has got a shade of blue D A# F C I don't know if it's something that'll pass away D A# F C Or something that I gotta get used to
I don't wanna have to think about it anymore I want to lock it all away in my loft How can you stand there lookin' down upon me now How can you tell me everthing's my fault (Chorus) D# A# Every now and then I think about what might've been G# G But that only brings me down again (Chorus)

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