Between Two Thieves

Mike McClure

Tom: Am
Intro Chords: 
Am  G  F twice 
Am     G                F 
On the third day He had risen 
Am    G                F     
Just like He said He'd do 
Am             G              F  
And Hell would not become His prison 
Am           G                 F 
He broke the chains for me and you 

C G In a crown of thorns, they hung my Lord F C G They pierced his body with a soldiers sword Am G But He forgave them and that spirit C C/B Am F Brings me to my knees for the One G Am G F That they hung between two thieves
Am G F Then He went to His disciples They put their hands in the nail scarred hand And to those who had been doubting They felt the power of God's plan Chorus Chorus

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