Come Like A Flood

Michael Larson

Tom: D
Verse 1: 
     D                        A 
Lord forgive me, for the wrong I've done 
        Bm7                   G 
I am so selfish to deny your Son 
            D              A 
I need your guidance every day 
                 Bm7                     G 
I wanna be like you Lord to walk in your ways 
Verse 2: 
            D              A 
So help me Jesus in all I do 
                Bm7                 A 
I want to be a servant I want to be like you 
          D                 A 
For I am nothing without your love 
Please fill my life Lord 
Come like a flood 
©1999 Flood Songs (7090 202b St, Langley, B.C. Canada V2Y 1S8) 
All rights reserved. International copyright secured. 
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Submitted By: David Campbell 
Ontario Canada  

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