This Is It

Melba Moore

Tom: A
A A/C# This is it! D D/E A A/C# This time I know it's the real thing D D/E E/G# I can't explain what I'm feeling G I'm lost for words D/F# I'm in a daze A/E Stumped and amazed E By your lovin' ways
verse 1: D A You smiled at me D A And suddenly D A D A The wheels of love began to turn inside of me A D We settled low D A I felt a glow D A D A E Right then and there I knew I'd never let you go Cause I know, I know... Refrain verse 2: D A The touch of you D A Is something new D A D A Nobody ever made me feel the way you do D A It's heavenly D A It's ecstasy D A D A E The way you make me feel when you make love to me Can't you see, can't you see... Refrain verse 2 Refrain Refrain without soloist Refrain

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