Tom: C#m
First tab so corrections appreciated  
Strumming should be fairly easy to figure out, it goes more or less like this: DUD U UDU  
(with 3rd and 6th strums muted) for each chord and twice for F# and the last C#m of the cycle (so  
you end up with 3xC#m in a row with two in the end of the cycle and one in the beginning of the  
next one) 
C#m E A G#m F# C#m (it goes like this throughout the song) verse 1 C#m E I'm picking up really sketch vibes A G#m My woman's been telling me lies F# C#m About other men, about where she's been hangin'. verse 2 C#m E Suspicious thoughts in my mind A G#m Been brewing up over time F# C#m 'He's just a friend,', When to me he's a stranger '. Bridge C#m E I can hold no evidence A G#m But I can't think emotionless F# And something in your choice of dress C#m Tonight can lead to just one guess Chorus x2
C#m E White lies you try A G#m Can't blind my eyes F# You got your red dress on and you wanna play C#m Like I can't know things that I've never seen
verse 3 C#m E It's been keeping me up every night A G#m Most of the time, I toss and turn in bed and I try F# Not to explode when you arrive sneaking through door C#m Like it ain't 5, like this house ain't mine. verse 4 C#m E Yes I've been picking up really sketch vibes A G#m And I keep looking over at your side F# Wondering where you been thinking that he ain't a friend C#m Knowing that thoughts are a sin and so I'll say it again Chorus x2 verse 1 Chorus x2 ---------------------------------- Hope this makes at least some sense.

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